IPM (Intelligent Power Module) is included IGBT and suitable driving circuit for IGBT devices and IC which has protectional function. These products contribute high efficiency and design simplification of application.


TO (Transistor Outline) package family consists of many types of packaging solutions for transistors and similar discrete devices as well as simple IC's with low pin counts. The structures of TO packages vary widely, from expensive metal can enclosures to low-cost plastic-molded package bodies.


SOP (Small Outline Package) have evolved into a state-of-the-art technology owing to their robust reliability and great improvement on performance. Using SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assembly, SOP provide an assortment of packaging capabilities, especially in low pin count devices at competitive manufacturing costs.


SOT (Small Outline Transistor) is a small footprint, inexpensive surface-mount plastic-molded packages with leads on their two long sides, used in consumer electronics.

QFN(DFN)- series

Based on copper lead frame, QFN (Quad Flat No-lead) or microchip carrier uses half-encapsulation technology to expose the rear side of the die pad and the tiny fingers, which are used to connect the chip and bonding wire with the PCB. Providing both thermal and electrical enhancement, QFN is a cost-effective packaging solution due to its economical materials and simpler packaging process.

The DSC Series (Dual Side Cool) has a uniquely simple construction that provides breakthroughs in die free package resistance, parasitic package inductance and heat dissipation capabilities.